WormholeTM OEM Embedded Connector

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The Stratus Wormhole industrial IoT module  provides pre-qualified applications that are easily integrated into your hardware design.

Applications include

  • IEC 61131 compliant real-time controller allowing quick integration into existing or new products needing skid level control using  Phoenix Contact Software‘s Prococos eCLR kernel.
  • Industrial IoT cloud connectivity- Fully qualified and tested PI System® connector in an incredibly small and affordable package. Specifically designed for OEMs to integrate OSIsoft® PI System® connectivity into their board level electronics.


  • STmicro STM32F746 microcontroller with 200 MHz 32-bit ARM Cortex-M7 processor –
  • On chip SDRAM interface and sophisticated I/O peripherals-
  • 32 MB SDRAM-
  • 16 MB NOR Flash-
  • Ethernet PHY supporting 10/100 Mbps data rates-
  • Realtime clock-
  • Industrial temperature rating (-40 to +85 C)
  • Available STM32F756 integrates a crypto/hash processor- (ITAR restrictions apply)


Actual Size BeloweCLR actual size


  • uClinux pre-loaded- comes complete with a professionally supported Linux distribution
  • Preloaded and optimized PI System Connector-
  • Cold boot into network < 4 seconds
  • Eclipse based development environment is available for application development-
  • Native support for standard Linux tools such as SSH, GDB server, PuTTY, webserver-

Development Package

  • ECAD design package  in Altium Designer 9.4 to speed integration to a custom baseboard-
  • The STM32F7 System-On-Module (SOM) schematics (PDF file only)-
  • Suggested STM32F7 SOM to baseboard mapping (Excel file)1 (one) review of your custom STM32F7 SOM baseboard schematics (SOM interface section only), with detailed comments returned over email.

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