USB2TTL Developers Connection Kit

USB2TTLTM Developer’s Connection Kit


The StratusIOTsolutions USB2TTL™ Kit is another product designed by embedded developers for embedded developers.  It evolved out of our frustration with poorly engineered USB-to-TTL dongles that were confusing, ornery, and had drivers that routinely invoked the dreaded Blue Screen of Death.  Another pet peeve is having USB devices not recognized when you plug them in, and having to drill down to Device Manager to attempt to deduce what is connected to what.  Connecting TTL/CMOS UART signals to your computer is simple and reliable with the the Stratus USB2TTL™ Kit.  The result?  It just works.  You can debug without the drama, and  focus on your programming efforts.


  • StratusEnumComPorts™ dynamic software toolUSB2TTL dongle
  • 4 Stratus USB2TTL™ converter cables with color changing LED indicators.  GND, Rx, and Tx are brought out on sockets to mate with standard square 0.025” header pins.

How it works

After installing StratusEnumComPorts™ on your Windows machine, you have a window that dynamically displays your active COM ports and what is connected to them.EnumGUI

Any USB2TTL™ devices are highlighted with color.  Right clicking on a USB2TTL™ device opens a window allowing you to select a color for that COM channel.  The highlighting then changes to that color USB2TTL colorsand the shell of the USB2TTL device immediately lights up with the same color.  That makes it easy to identify which COM port belongs to which USB2TTL dongle.  Additionally, if you have a terminal emulator installed, when you double click any COM port, the terminal opens and its font will be set to the same Puttycolorcolor.

The system is designed for and tested with PuTTY SSH and Telnet client, available free from  After installation its path and baud settings must be identified to StratusEnumComPorts™ via a configuration window.  We use the Silicon Labs CP210X chipset, which has excellent and trouble free drivers and support.

 Ordering information

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