OSIsoft Users Conference 2015

OSIsoft partner logo StratusIoTsolutions is pleased to announce that we have joined the OSIsoft Partner EcoSphere as a Technology Partner.  We look forward to working with the team.  Thanks for visiting our site.

News article!  Stratus joins OSIsoft Partner EcoSphere


Wormhole logoOn a business card sized platform, the Wormhole™ demo board is an embedded PI connector.  It runs an ARM® Cortex-M7® based 32-bit microcontroller with plenty of memory (16MB Flash, 32MB SDRAM, plus gigabytes of microSD memory) with the uClinux operating system clocking at 200MHz.   It features 802.11 b/g/n WiFi, a LAN Ethernet port, and can be powered from a USB connection.  Given that it’s a gateway to real data, it also sports Wormhole boardan onboard accelerometer, 16-bit color light sensor, thermal sensor, plus a multipurpose LED array.  It’s massive memory space enables caching at the IoT device in the event of network interruptions.  The device builds the AF structure, points, and attributes, then data is pushed directly to the PI System®.  This is demonstration hardware limited only by your imagination.


Are you looking for an embedded PI connector with HMI that features multi-touch touch capability in a striking sunlight-readable LCD platform?  That’s  Taloan™, a low cost LCD based platform with optically bonded 4.3″ Talin PCAP LCDPCAP touch screen.  It’s  “Wormhole with HMI,” ready for embedded applications that need to talk to sensors and push data into the PI System®.


Wizard logo TM WiFi v2.0

Wi-zard WiFi modules are built by StratusIOTsolutions developers for other developers.   Based on the Inventek ISM43362 core module, our engineering team has done the hard work of getting from the Inventek Evaluation board to production-ready Inventek based designs.  We can save you a lot of time getting your Pi System® based IoT product out the door.


IoT Power Monitor for the Pi System Power Monitor package is a next generation WiFi IoT power monitor energy management solution using the PI System® as a standard for integrating and analyzing the data to make informed decisions.   It’s presently in test at the Carnegie Mellon University School of Architecture.








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