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Omicron’s visualization, analytics and gap-filling capabilities complement Stratus IOTsolutions’ hardware experience and resources.  With its deep knowledge of the OSIsoft PI environment, Omicron can help Stratus Solutions customers create well-architected, flexible and efficient business applications.  The senior staff at Omicron have worked with PI for more than 25 years and played leading roles in the development of significant portions of the PI suite.

Omicron takes pride in its record of “filling the gaps” between the offerings of OSIsoft and other key application providers to expand the products’ usability and interoperability while reducing administrative efforts.  One of the early “gapware” creations by Omicron evolved into OSIsoft’s popular and long-lived visualization tool, PI ProcessBook.  Other such creations range from custom SharePoint web parts to custom analytics capabilities for clients in industries as diverse as electrical power transmission and pharmaceuticals.

Omicron’s services also include system integration, service checks and performance optimization.  More than 400 companies around the world have used Omicron’s services to implement or enhance their IT systems.  Omicron has substantial experience working in industries as diverse as oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, mining, power generation and transmission, pipelines, utilities, refining and food processing.




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