Welcome to our Netburner solutions page.

StratusIOTsolutions is your one stop partner for end-to-end designs from concept to cloud.  We are experts in I2C/SPI bus communication, connecting Netburner to I/O, ASICs, and specialty coprocessors.  We come equipped with in-house hardware, software, and mechanical design expertise that results in proven  rapid proto capabilities.

Some of the following designs went from concept to working proto in 3 weeks.  As you can see from our past experience we have extensive experience in all the core competencies necessary to turn your ideas into products.

Example 004-600

Example of a complete Netburner 5234 OEM licensed design with 10-port managed Ethernet switch .  “Licensed” means:  our own processor hardware with Netburners operating system.

Netburner Freescale BGA

BGA chips need X-ray to ensure the board is shipped with no solder shorts under the BGA









Example 007-600

Example of Netburner NANO design based on customer requirements.



An SBL2e design for a customer who needed a driver for a solid state relay, a couple of switch inputs, several state LEDs, serial-over-USB, and connection to LAN. SBL2e is a single chip solution for small projects.









Example 002-600

Example of SBL2e design with integrated Ethernet switch, 10A reversible motor driver, and several other features.





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