WiFi Power Monitor

PI System-enabled IoT Power Monitor

StratusIOTsolutions is working on next generation WiFi IoT power monitor energy management solution using the PI System as a standard for integrating and analyzing the data to make informed decisions.

One key metric in building energy management is electricity consumption.  Voltage coming into a facility tends to be fairly well regulated and can be measured at a single point of reference. However current varies dramatically, and is the best metric to correlate to actual energy consumption in a given circuit.

The Stratus Pi System-Enabled Power Monitor module does both.  It’s designed with a fully engineered and tested 802.11 wireless solution which can function both in wireless access point (AP Mode) and in PMON 3Dstation mode (STA).  It provides a rich web interface that allows wireless configuration and ad hoc data view.  Three current transformers are provided for monitoring three-phase or separate branch circuits.  A dedicated mixed-signal processor performs A/D conversion, filtering, and scaling to provide accurate time-series power data.

A PI System compatible Modbus TCP server is built in which allows the use of the MBE interface.  This module supports the recent OSIsoft Application Framework.  OSIsoft PI System compatibility is baked in to StratusIOTsolutions software and hardware from the ground up.

How it works

PI System data coming in

Click to enlarge. Note the spike showing the tungsten inrush current of an incandescent load.

Very well!  After attaching the current transformers, plugging the power supplies into 120VAC, and connecting the cable to the module, all that’s left to be done is to log in to the modules AP web page where the network SSID and network key are entered.  There’s not much more to it.  Go back to your desk and you’ll see data on your PI Server…”it works smoothly, very nice, is very robust in collecting data.”

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