Emcraft Systems and StratusIoTsolutions deliver customer product

Emcraft Systems and StratusIoTsolutions deliver ARM® M7 functionality in a customer product using Emcraft’s STM32F7 System-On-Module

Emcraft Systems and StratusIoTsolutions worked together with early-access silicon from STMicroelectronics and have just delivered the first run of products for a major OEM customer in the electrical power Transmission and Distribution market. STMicroelectronics did a great job architecting the new STM32F7 MCU, and it has blazing performance with low power consumption.

Emcraft Systems has partnered with StratusIoTsolutioEmcraft logons to deliver value added software, design and engineering services to OEM customers.

StratusIoTSolutions is a privately held company based in Atlanta, GA with engineering headquarters in Vermont. Stratus specializes in end product connectivity built on Emcraft SOM technology such as signal conditioning, StratusIOTsolutions logomesh wireless, POE, WiFi, cellular, and satellite uplinks to Enterprise Clouds like the OSIsoft® PI System®.

StratusIoTsolutions took the standard Emcraft STM32F7 System-On-module, designed a custom baseboard, and added an application layer tuned to take full advantage the Emcraft uClinux OS providing advanced secure Enterprise Cloud connectivity and also an IEC61131 controller.