Authorized_Design_Partner_logoWelcome to the StratusIOTsolutions Cypress Technical Center

Our Cypress Authorized Design Partner team specializes in deployment of devices in demanding applications and especially in multi-processor designs.  As shown by our reference designs and product portfolio, Stratus solutions combine the power of the Cypress PSoC® with IOT communications solutions offering high performance I/O handling combined with the rich user interface that customers are beginning to demand in leading edge embedded products.

We have an 802.11 wireless solution that is cost effective, high performance, and rich in features, including dynamic web pages and charting. An enhancP1100818ed spin adding wired Ethernet capability is in development. Stratus can provide anything from a turnkey upgrade to your existing Psoc 4 or 5LP design to an OEM development platform that you can use to develop your own IOT solutions.

Stratus has also experienced the challenge of implementing a design in PSoC Creator where you run out of resources. We can assist you in optimizing your concept to run on available resources.P1100768a

Stratus has an OTA programming solution under development that allows you to download and re-flash PSoC software using a networked co-processor. This pays for itself as you deploy and update hardware in the field. We also support the use of JTAG boundary scan for board level test during the manufacturing process.

To speed your own development effort you may use our Cypress rapid prototyping services to produce a PSoC design with a basic test program and hardware bringup.

As a Cypress Authorized Design Partner we look forward to working with you on your next project.  Here are some of ours…

P1100360Palantir is a module that is intended for insertion between your asset and your satellite transceiver.  It’s a smart cable, in a sense, that provides a flexible view into the data traffic flowing from the asset to the sky.

This design marries the solid 802.11 wireless communications  of an Inventek Wi-Fi module with the unique flexibility provided by the PSoC 5® system-on-chip.




Mcontrol is a two channel motor (PWM) control featuring a PSoC 4 mated to an Inventek 802.11 wireless module. Designed for 12-24VDC, each channel can control up to 30 amps!



Miniprog3Our MiniProg3 PSoC® Programmers are equipped with pogo pins to directly contact the underside of a board contained in a manufacturing fixture. Click for white paper to modify your own MiniProg3.




Infrared oven controller with PSoC 4, Inventek 802.11 Wi-Fi radio, and Type K thermocouple.  To demonstrate it’s capability we built this into an inexpensive toaster oven and use it for bench SMD prototyping.  It provides several features not found in other more expensive bench top units.  Click for white paper.












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